Since April 2005 Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers has provided a way for the citizens in our area to relay information to law enforcement while remaining anonymous. Crime Stoppers nationwide have solved homicides, burglaries, robberies, rapes and other serious crimes. Fugitive felons have been located and returned to prison, and thousand of dollars in reward money has been paid to anonymous tipsters. Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers is all about improving the life in our area. As time goes on more and more crimes are being committed and we are here to help stop crimes by offering to you the people a safe and anonymous way to report crime and even get paid for it.

Most acts of violence are witnessed by individuals, or told to someone. The law enforcement community in the Ross County area would like to encourage these individuals to report these acts. New methods of reporting crimes are being developed. This web site is dedicated to creating a portal providing community members with information on how to access and report crimes, whether it be via a telephone or online.

If you have information on a crime, or the location of a wanted person you can fill out an anonymous online Web Tip Submit by clicking the
Tip Submit Button to the right. Tipsters identity and location cannot be tracked when the TipSoft Webform is used. You may also call in a tip via telephone to one of numbers listed on the right. No equipment is used to trace any of these call we receive. You can read more details on how our system works on the How It Works page.

Want to keep track of crimes in your area? On the right is a link called STOP CRIME. All you do is put in your address and UPDATE location. Crimes committed in your area will be listed on the bottom of the page. You can even sign up to get a daily Crime Alerts by entering you email.

If you see a crime in progress please call 911

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